When is the right time to invest in internal communication?
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This is a question we’re asked a lot, and the simple answer is now! Whether you’re a company with one employee or 10,000, keeping your people informed and feeling valued is integral to your business success. 

The more nuanced answer is that the investment may look different depending on a variety of factors – the size of your business, the number of employees you need to communicate with, and how you’re developing your culture.

What size is your business? 

We find that the tipping point for creating an internal communication function is around 200 employees. At this size, you’ll need a consistent flow of communication across established channels to ensure your employees are engaged and aligned with the business strategy (and understand their role within it!). 

Businesses with fewer employees might not warrant an internal communication function, however leadership can benefit from advice around how to position messaging, understand their audience, and create opportunities for two-way communication. This may come in the form of leadership coaching and support. 

Leaders can also be extremely time poor, so having help on hand to bounce ideas around and develop communications planning alongside, can help with productivity and timeliness. 

Are you expecting significant change? 

“Around 70% of change programmes fail and poor internal communication is seen as the principle reason for such failure.” Source: (Salem) Exploring Internal Communication.

Change is a constant, but the scale of that change can vary. Large scale change programmes such as digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, strategy launches, etc all require transparent, consistent, and targeted communications.  

And as the quote above shows, without effective internal communication, you’re likely to fail. Anyone can send out an email to explain what’s happening, but it takes an expert to craft the messaging in the right way for a specific audience. 

In the case of a digital transformation, it’s not just keeping employees informed of the incoming tech changes – what they’ll care about is the benefits to them. How will new technology help them save time, drive efficiency, cut costs? And ultimately, will it take their job? Understanding the emotional impact of change is huge part of the role of internal communication. 

Could you benefit from stronger employee engagement? 

Internal communication is one piece of the larger puzzle that is employee engagement. When employees feel informed, valued and listened to, they’re more likely to stay loyal, be productive and care about the company success.   

Internal communication is most effective when it works in harmony with operational functions such as HR, IT, and marketing – view internal communication as integral rather than a nice to have and you and your employees will reap the benefits. 


Once you’ve decided you need expert help, how do you choose between bringing in short to medium term support from the team at Excited by Digital, or hiring an in-house team? 

Plug and play Internal Communications for acceleration, immediacy, objectivity and scalability. 

Internal Communications experts at Excited by Digital offer immediate specialist expertise and vast experience that you can plug in and rely on right from day one. We can hit the ground running and typically, can have a communication strategy in place and active within 2-3 months. 

We bring an objective viewpoint from day one. We’re not influenced by internal politics or biases towards one team or another – we just bring fresh ideas and insights right from the start. 

And we’re scalable – as much or as little as you can eat! Through Excited by Digital, you can access as much or as little support as you need, and without the overheads of a full-time, internal team, we provide a cost-efficient alternative.  

And once you’re up to speed and have strong processes and structure in place… 

An internal IC team will have huge benefits too. With time, internal teams will generally develop a deeper understanding of organisational culture and values. An embedded IC team can start to make communication seem seamless, integrated with other team and processes.  

Excited by Digital prides itself on the way we build trusted relationships with our clients, and we get great feedback on the rapport we build with the permanent employees we work with. Indeed, we might argue that working with us is more efficient in the long term as we truly are that plug-and-play option. 

However, our aim is always to help whilst we’re needed, to strengthen you and your teams when you need it and then to recede, making way for internal resource. There is no replacement for the commitment and dedication of fantastic internal communicators, and we hope you will find someone that fits long-term with your world. 

Excited by Digital – we’re there as long as you need us to be.