our approach…

Ours is a people first, technology second-first approach to transformation.

We never lose sight of the fact that impactful digital transformation strategy must always balance investment in your people with your investment in technology.  

People first…

Successful digital projects put people at the centre, so your people are where we start.

It’s crucial that everyone understands the role they are going to play, whether they are at the heart of the delivery team, or at the receiving end of digital change.

This is about creating clear objectives and being clear in the communication of those objectives. Your shiny new system might promise to replace your outdated processes, but what’s in it for your employees? Updating the way your customers manage their accounts might save you money, but what improvements will it make to their customer experience?

We’re proud of the feedback we get from clients about the way we integrate with their teams. Whether we’re an extra pair of hands on a small project, coaching and mentoring teams long-term, or working with leadership teams, our goal is to develop your confidence with digital tools and technology, better equipping you to lead digital innovation projects in your organisation.

Technology second-first…

It’s easy to get excited by a shiny new piece of technology, especially when it promises to deliver so much…on paper. The challenge is maintaining that shine throughout the delivery process, so that when the tech lands in the hands of your employees, or your customers, they are just as excited by what it delivers as you are.

We never lose sight of this promise to the end user. We avoid jargon and tech speak (unless we’re talking to techies!) and focus on the benefits of the technology. Is it going to help users save time? Help with their productivity? Reduce your overhead costs? Customer-centricity is key – technology enabled, not technology led.

Again, this is about clear communication, understanding of, and meeting your objectives. It’s about good project management, leaning on agile methodology – close collaboration across teams, excellent planning, and regular assessment of whether we’re meeting your project’s goals and your user’s needs.

Strategy, Communication

and Digital Leadership

We wrap our work around your business strategy, ensuring that your digital, or technology strategy delivers against your short-term goals and supports your long-term strategic objectives.

For most organisations, this is about building alignment and connectivity between your teams and aligning their individual objectives. Projects are brought to life when everyone understands how the outcomes they are driving, contribute to overall strategic goals. Yet, even in small businesses, communication between teams, and with leadership, can be tricky and often leads to false starts. 

Our communications expertise can help here. We will help you to set up robust project communications, as well as developing internal communications plans that will help you to communicate project goals, outcomes and updates to your employees and the benfits of the new technology once adopted.

We also help our clients to develop employee training programmes once the software is ready to go. Your investment in the technology will be protected by getting this bit right, after all, you can lead horses to water, but can you get them to use your CRM?

What do we mean by Digital Leadership?

Do you have the in-house capability to guide teams through digital transformation, to foster innovation, and adapt to the evolving digital landscape? 

Digital leadership is about an organisation’s, or an individual’s, ability to navigate and take advantage of digital technologies in order to achieve strategic outcomes and goals. 

We believe this can be nurtured, so we start every new engagement by finding the pockets of excitement within your organisation, guiding, supporting and strengthening your nascent organisational digital capability for as long as you need us to.