A personal introduction to Excited by Digital

Well this is exciting! A couple of years in the making, but we’re finally there and ready to go!

In an ideal world, I’d want everyone to be excited about the work that they do. When I would describe the business I wanted to build to the people I spoke to, the unique selling point was always about how I wanted my  business to transmit energy and excitement about the opportunity of technology and digital change.

Digital change and transformation often comes hand in hand with a sense of trepidation, and I understand it. Digital change projects come with a lot of challenges – compatibility with systems, integration with or challenging and replacing processes, adoption and normalisation of new ways of working – these things can be hard to get right, but let me offer some different words.

Curiosity. Exploration. Fun. Excitement. 

At Excited by Digital, we see all these challenges and we rise to them. We’ve all walked in our clients shoes, so we know where the bumps in the road are likely to appear and we help to anticipate them. When we’re asked new questions – and believe me, there are always new questions we haven’t faced – we work with our clients to find their answers, their solutions to challenge in front of them.

Excited by Digital is all about growing a fantastic team of like-minded people who share my excitement for new projects, new conversations and challenges, and new groups of people to jump in with and help.

Hopefully this website tells you all you need to know about why you’d want us on your side and why to work with us, but keep an eye on this blog and we’ll continue to share our story as it grows.

I am excited by digital – you will be too!